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About Focusing

Imagine closing your eyes and having someone hand you an object. This could be anything from something as obvious as a spoon to something you could never guess. Imagine having to describe this object without being able to see it. Suddenly the spoon isn't just "a spoon". It's cool...It's flat in places... It has curved and sharp edges, it's light... It can be held easily... What is essentially happening during that process is that you are approaching something known (or unknown) with curiosity and interest, giving yourself time and space to explore it. Well, that's a little bit like focusing in action, except when you are focusing, you approach parts of yourself that may or may not be known or familiar to you. You learn to see them, to acknowledge their presence, to accept their existence and to give them space to be and develop.

Your body is fundamentally like a very fast and smart computer that generates output at very fast rates. What it would take you hours to put in words, your body generated within seconds. In focusing, we call that feeling "the felt sense". On a subconscious level, your body already knows. Focusing works on the edge of that knowing to help you define that which you may already have an idea of and that which may be new to you. We call this, working on the edge.


“Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.” E. Gendlin

If you would like to hear a bit more, click here to view my short video on Focusing


How can focusing benefit you


A focusing session will provide you with some very valuable "me time" for a start. It will allow you to slow down and give yourself the space to work with what's important to you.


You will be in control of how your session is run and you will have the option to structure it as much or as little as suits you. You can choose to work on specific issues or work with whatever is present for you at the time.


My job as a focusing practitioner is to teach you how to focus and to support you on your journey with as much or as little guiding as you need and want.


Based on the idea that all the parts of ourselves that we encounter in sessions make us who we are, exist to ensure our survival, a focusing session will allow you to get to know the parts of yourself that are alive and present for you, to get to know them and to see where that knowing takes you.

Focusing will teach you how to be with those parts, how to approach them with open curiosity and how to listen to what they have to say. 

Focusing can offer you clarity around your emotions as well as allow you to experience shifts in the way you feel about issues.

It can also help you understand and untangle complex feelings around issues or life situations and help with decision making.

Most importantly, focusing will teach you how to listen to the wisdom of your body and trust your intuition.


“There are no enemies inside, Every part of us is trying to save our lives.” Ann Weiser Cornell


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