I live in Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire, with my two children, my dog and my cat. Following an exciting career in Construction Project management in London, we moved to Upton in 2015 and in early 2016 I was invited to a dinner party where I met a focusing practitioner who told me about the practice and invited me to give it a try. I have a BSc in Psychology from Durham university and have always been interested in therapy and available therapy and well being practices.

What struck me as a complete novice was how gentle the process of focusing was, there was no probing, no asking questions, no digging into my past, I was gently guided by an experienced person and yet I had complete control and freedom over what happened next. I immediately felt at ease and didn't feel any awkwardness as there was no wrong way of focusing. I experienced feelings in a new way and found the whole process both interesting and liberating. 

And so in late 2016 I embarked upon a 2 year focusing course with a renowned focusing practitioner Peter Gill. I learnt to focus and then I learnt how to focus with others, in partnership and as a guide. I really wanted to work and support other people in learning about focusing.

I have since worked with many people, both in person and online. I have found that everyone takes to it differently and every session and process is different. So why not give it a go! 

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H. R., Derbyshire 

Thank you for our wonderful session together. I'm so pleased I decided to give focusing a go. A moment in the week to focus in on myself and take renewed clarity back into the world with me. I look forward to the next one.

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E.J., Oxfordshire

I did focusing with Ana at an incredibly difficult time in my life and it helped me more than I could have imagined. What felt unbearable became not only became something bearable but something I felt I could tackle. And I learnt things, skills, techniques that I return to, time and again, when I need to. I would shout Ana's praise from the rooftops if I could. She's brilliant at what she does.

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M.P., Croatia

I was thrilled with this experience. It really helped me put things into perspective and helped me understand some underlying problems to then take smarter decisions.