A focusing session generally lasts one hour although this will be comprised of more than just focusing time. This can be done in person in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, or via a Zoom or Whatsapp call, both methods are as effective. 

Although focusing is considered to be a well being practice, it differs from standard therapy in a few important ways:

- you do not need to disclose the details of a situation you are working through should you choose not to in order to be able to focus with it

- at the center of the session will be the work you do with yourself and developing that ability

- there will be no judgement or diagnosis

- you will be listened to in a deep and unobtrusive way 

- you decide how often you would like to do focusing, how many sessions you would like to have and are free to stop at any time

However, just like standard therapy, your sessions will be confidential and will take place in a safe and quiet environment.

It is advisable to have 3 sessions before deciding whether focusing is for you.


The charge is £35 per session or £100 for a block of 3. Please get in touch if you would like to organise a get together and give focusing a try.